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First thing you do when you arrive at the testing location is register. The registration desk will be clearly marked and typically near the main venue entry. At registration, BAM will check you in and provide you with a floor identity band and you’re ready to go!



Protocol demonstrations set the pace for your all pro day! After warm-up, the BAM manager will explain and demonstrate each of the tests used to capture your performance data.



All participating athletes will have a 15-minute group warm-up session to stretch and prepare for the testing.



Evaluates the ability to exert a maximal force in as short a time as possible within vertical or horizontal distance/displacement depending upon sport specifics.



Evaluation to determine acceleration, maximum speed and speed endurance. Sprint time can be performed over varying distances, depending upon sport specifics.

Image-1 (1).jpg


Evaluates the ability to show how quick and effective decisions are made and actions initiated, plus the brief interval of time it takes to react to an external stimulus, depending upon sport specifics.



valuation measures the ability to make quick changes of direction while moving at speed and the ability to move quickly and change directions depending upon sport specifics.



After athletes have completed all stations, they return to the registration desk for check-out.

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The results will be available 3-4 days after you test. 

The results will have all participants to the event. Each athlete will have a 

BAMScore™ indicating their overall athletic assessment level, breakdown of the trial details (raw data), and a performance gap measure. (BAMScore Link)


Congratulations on being invited to the NCAA Academy. Your hard work and dedication have paid off. In addition to the basketball experience the NCAA Academy is giving you, you have the opportunity to do something very unique – a ProDay Combine. 

Basic Athletic Measurement (BAM) wants everyone to have benchmarks for development and performance analysis. This opportunity the Academy is giving you will help prepare you for your basketball future. It will provide you with insights and skill sets that will be foundational for your further development. 

The team from Basic Athletic Measurement (BAM) is delighted to create a BAMScore and Improvement Gap for each of you. BAMScore and Improvement Gap provide you with personalized baseline and goal setting objectives. This is about making you a better athlete.

Over the next couple weeks we’ll release a series of communications that provide you with:

  1. test day instructions and video explaining the protocols,

  2. registration,

  3. explanation of BAM’s standardized score (BAMScore) and the Improvement Gap, and 

  4. post event announcement that your report is ready to view


For 16 years now, we’ve administered athletic combine testing for elite pro and college athletes as well as youth sports and are the leader in our field. Our BAMScore provides a standardized performance indicator, applicable for all levels of athletes. 


BAM testing is used by the NBA Draft Combine, G-League, jr. NBA, Power 5 Conference colleges, Adidas, Under Armour and many other athletic organizations and at elite sporting events - with assessment capabilities for 17 different sports. It’s even used in youth sports. 


You will participate in the same athletic assessments Basic Athletic Measurement (BAM) administers at the NBA Combine, Div I, II, and III programs, as well as highschool and junior high athletes. Male and female athletes will use the same protocols. The BAMScore does factor for gender; for example a BAMScore of 1748 for a male baseball player and an identical BAMScore for a female basketball player indicate comparable athlete performance level. Each athlete will have unique, personal improvements to reach the next level.


Please visit Basic Athletic Measurement for more information. 


We’re looking forward to helping you improve! 





At the event, you will become part of the BAM tradition of combine testing. The goal of BAM Testing is to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses in your journey to optimize your athletic development. 



You will receive a notification soon that registration for BAM is open. You will need to complete the registration before the event. It will take only a couple minutes to register for BAM testing. 



During the event, we will collect your body measurements at an anthros station. Body measurements will be conducted the first couple days while you are in Memphis. 


For athletic assessments, your team will be assigned a time to arrive at the BAM testing station.


Body measurements

We will be collecting body measurements during the event. This includes height, reach, wingspan, and hand size. This is conducted using the the same technique we use for professional sports body measurements. 


When you arrive at the anthros station, you will receive a numbered sticker. When completed with measurements, check out at the registration desk. Do not leave the body measurement testing area without visiting the registration desk.


Body measurements will be included in your BAM reporting.


Athletic Testing

The BAMScore is based on your best trial results from each of the five protocols. For basketball, the protocols used are:

  1. Standing vertical jump

  2. Three step approach vertical jump

  3. Four-way agility

  4. Three-quarter court sprint

  5. Reaction shuttle


This video [link] provides an overview of what is required to complete each test and disqualifications.


  • When you arrive at the BAM assessment area you will receive a numbered sticker. 

  • You will be in a group of 25-30 athletes for the duration of testing. Stay with your group during the assessments. 

  • If your group has not played games yet, you will receive a 15 minute warm-up before testing.

  • A BAM assistant will guide you to the assessment court. 

  • Your group will be separated into pods of 5-6 athletes for testing. 

  • At each protocol station, you will receive a brief instruction. You get two trials. The best trial will be used for the BAMScore. 

  • As this is an assessment, we will not tell you your result. They will be available when you receive the reporting. 

  • Pods will rotate left to the next station when instructed by the BAM court manager.

  • When you have completed the five protocol test stations and the registration check-in station (6 stations in total), you are done. Do not leave the test area without visiting the registration desk.


If you are injured, let the BAM assistant know and do not test.



After the event, BAM will compile your results and calculate your BAMScore and Improvement Gap. BAM will notify you via this communication channel that your results are ready. Reports are available a few days after all events are done.


Privacy and sharing

BAM will not share your results on your behalf nor will we provide access to your results to anyone but you. Your results are only available via the portal.

All data provided to us for personal identification and your assessment results are never shared, sold, or made public by Basic Athletic Measurement.

It is your responsibility to protect the privacy of your individual results. Never share your login.

Aggregated results without personal identifiers are generated for analytic purposes. No personal information is included in any aggregated summary results.


If you have questions, email


See you in a couple weeks. 

BAM Staff

Basic Athletic Measurement

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