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Basic Athletic Measurement (BAM) is the leader in standardized testing and data acquisition. BAM has been the official combine testing service for the NBA Draft for the last 10 years. BAM also provides athletic assessment to Division 1 universities, leagues, and youth sports organizations.




BAM Testing’s founders, Brett Brungardt and Martin Haase have combined their skills and passion into a unique business opportunity for success. Brett and Martin’s backgrounds are complimentary. Brett is a strength and conditioning coach. He has nearly thirty years’ experience; he was the strength and conditioning coach for the Dallas Mavericks, men’s and women’s basketball teams at the University of Washington, and two professional teams in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA). 


Martin has a background in software and statistics. Martin’s experience includes over ten years of consulting in application development, data warehousing, and enterprise systems. Most recently, Martin has been working with Microsoft on their web properties and file delivery infrastructure.


In addition, to Brett’s athletic success and Martin’s tech experience, Chief Marketing Officer Chris Amerson brings his years of major motion picture, content creation and branding experience to the BAM collective. Using his passion for storytelling to showcase the benefits of BAM.

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The Team


Brett Brungardt


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Martin Haase


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Christopher Amerson

Chief Business Development Officer

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