Testing Service for the NBA Draft Combine

Whether you are a club owner, administrator, trainer or coach, BAM will empower you like a pro!  Our leaders in standardized athletic performance will show you how to improve and validate athletic performance through BAM athletic combine testing plus sport-specific assessment.  Learn how the BAMScore™ gives you and your athletes a truly objective, standardized method of assessing performance.


Test early, test often and gain the insights you need to track and monitor each player’s performance growth and achieve the ROI you need to drive your program’s success.

Get the BAM Edge!

  • Laser Gate Technology – the most accurate testing technology available

  • BAM Score™ - BAMTesting’s proprietary index, offering standardized scoring for all athletes

  • Integrity - unbiased, 3rd Party assessment

  • Created by the field’s top strength & conditioning experts

  • Combines available for 17 sports (Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Football, Volleyball & more)

  • A Full-Service Team Ready to do the Work for You

  • All-Inclusive Assessments



Unique BAM Benefits


  • Gives you an Athletic GPS

  • Validates your commitment to athletic excellence and sports science

  • Edges out your local club competition with best-in-class testing

BAM Has It All



 Basic Athletic Measurement (BAM) addresses a fundamental issue impacting all sports – accurate athletic assessment. Athletic assessment relies on stop watches, manual data collection, and non-standardized testing protocols. Due to bias and inconsistency, comparing and benchmarking an athlete’s performance has been a subjective measure. BAM created a process and technology that addresses this.



“Assessment is an instrumental component for establishing benchmarks. Which in almost any situation are the standards that lead to improvement and success.”

Donnie Nelson - President of Basketball Operations, Dallas Mavericks

“Testing, evaluation, and comparative analysis, should be viewed as motivational.  These components are essential for improving any type of performance.”

David Robinson – NBA MVP, voted top 50 player of all time

“Reliable and valid performance tests help set standards that are very useful in rehabilitation protocols and recovery parameters.”

Pat Jenkins - Head Athletic Trainer, University of Washington


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Brungardt, BAM Changing The Game In Accurate Athletic Assessment

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June 1, 2019

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